Arts Aggregate is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a network for the support and promotion of emerging contemporary artists and arts professionals. We are constantly looking for volunteers to help grow and promote our work and community.

Seeking Event Photographer

We are currently seeking a volunteer photographer to assist us with documenting our events. Responsibilities include:

  • Taking photos of artists, artworks, and performances.
  • Documenting socializing and networking events.
  • Being present during the whole duration of an event.
  • Delivering photographs within 10 business days after the event.
  • Final package must not include blurry or duplicate photos.

We are looking for a volunteer with experience with event photography and can provide their own equipment. The photographer will receive appropriate credit with all photos used.

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Seeking Fundraising Volunteers

We are currently seeking volunteers with some fundraising and marketing experience to assist us with:

  • Searching for potential sponsorship opportunities.
  • Reaching out to potential and existing sponsors.
  • Generating lists that will be used for fundraising.
  • Sending post-event thank you correspondence.
  • Looking for local fundraising grants and other opportunities.

We are looking for someone who is detail oriented, organized, resourceful with good verbal and written communication skills, and can work semi-independently.

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