November 13, 2016

Join us for an informal, laid-back Sunday afternoon at 3pm.

1485 Tara Court
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Map and Directions

Transplanted uproots artworks destined for a white cube gallery and deposits them in a backyard. Without sterile white gallery walls new associations including the home, garden, open air, labor, and domesticity make up the soil these uprooted artworks must absorb and negotiate.

Gosia Herc-Balaszek's sculptural work engages concepts of domesticity, simulation, and perpetual erasure, focusing on the architecture aboard military installations, particularly Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.  Her practice slips between collecting, archiving, voyeurism, and vandalism.

Kim Garcia creates sculptures and installations that investigate interdependent relationships between objects, people and spaces. Garcia has previously directed the portable and mobile spaces, and is the co-founder of Friends Collective, an artist group that aims to decontextualize art practices in order to encourage open discussions around notions of viewing.

Victoria Iungerichemploys the skills and materials that are traditionally associated with craft and explores the divide between the masculine and feminine labor domains. Intentionally deskilling the labor with crude hand stitching and abstraction, her process forces the investigation of the gendered materiality of an object

Reinhart Selvik investigated the body embedded and embodied within its surroundings. After years of embedding himself into the architectures of Los Angeles, he sought to find ways to manifest the raw and visceral energies of the urban streets - the sheer overwhelming sprawl - and the affect that it has on the psyche of its inhabitants.

Elizabeth Stringer’s works incorporate more than just the visual sense, accelerating semantic associations within the individual, requiring cognitive elaboration on their behavior and emotional perception.  Her current work is based off Stringer’s sketches on her own conceptualization of smell.

Charity Vincent's work is Interested in psychology, patterns, sequences, fractals, and the atomic  make-up of the universe. Unseen Origins presents a confounding visual space which defies its seemingly two dimensional presentation. In this work a circle of pigment illuminates wriggling lines bursting with energy and the potential to destroy the grid-like structure it rests upon.