July 15 - 17, 2016. Hours: Fri. 3-6PM, Sat. 11-6PM, Sun. 11-2PM

Opening Reception: Friday, July 15th, 6-10PM
Closing Reception: Saturday, July 16th, 6-10PM

Iko Studios
915 Mateo St. STE 204
Los Angeles, CA 9002
Map and Directions

The nine artists featured in the show: Charity Algarme, Kelly Eginton, Andrew Frausto, Nicole Gonzalez, Victoria Iungerich, Amy Mackay, Julie PhamVu, Maya Vanderschuit, and Chantal Wnuk, are brought together to showcase their newest work in LA’s famed Arts District.

These artists are largely concerned with materials and materiality as tools to invent surfaces both physical and metaphorical. The connotations of "surface" are twofold, surface meaning and surface quality. These surfaces then become a language to express cultural differences, dichotomies, ontological relationships, space, and the phenomenological. As Jean Dubuffet said: “Each material has its own language, and is a language.”

In this exhibit you will encounter surfaces that explore conflicting modes of understanding and knowledge within colonialism and blur the boundaries of craft in exploration of gendered labor. Witness painterly surfaces that explore uncertainty, chance, and gesture and those that use the uncertainty of light to create analogue experience poised as obsolescence. Contemplate surfaces created using traditional and nontraditional material languages which strike parallels between the material world and the psychological realm as well as implied surfaces that investigate light, space, and the body's relationship to real and virtual spaces and materials.